I have gotten to experience numerous life changing experiences through UW-Extension programs. More specifically, my involvement in 4H has become a part of my identity. Fall Forum, Arts Camp, Youth Conference, State Arts Teams, County Fair, State Fair—all of these events and programs have taught me specific skills along with leadership and appreciation for my community. At each 4H event, we pledge our hands, head, heart, and health to making a better tomorrow. I may have made many friends, expanded my skills in project areas, and grown as an individual, but I believe that the most valuable way that 4H has impacted me is through my understanding and gratitude for my community, county, state, and country. State arts programs have helped me to be more well spoken and a better team player. After each 4H event, I feel like I have a bounty of skills and activities that I can take back to my hometown. I also have to skills to lead workshops to help others learn what I have learned through 4H. Giving back is an essential part of 4H and its art programs, and I will forever be thankful for my time in 4H.