Timothy S

Our Middle Level students in La Crosse, WI have become reinvigorated with Science, Math, Technology and Engineering thanks to the the work of Dr. Justin Hougham, the University of Wisconsin-Extension Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center director's DOTS (Digital Observation Technology Skills) kits. Students are using the DOTS kits for collecting data while on field experiences and bringing the data back into the classroom for analysis and publication into a web based global information system. Dr. Hougham and the Upham Woods team helped train our staff and students on how to use the DOTS kits and enter the data. They came on site to the Coulee Region and then our students traveled to Upham Woods to collect more data in the Dells. Students and staff have learned an entire new set of strategies for scientific collection and analysis using the latest tools of hand held devices. The transfer of skills from training into practice has been fluid and exceptional, and we look forward to many more days with DOTS in the future.