Programs & Services

Our innovative programs, training opportunities, and compliance obligations promote the University of Wisconsin’s strategic vision and shared values by educating our community members on the importance of diversity and institutional fairness, and by providing our students, neighbors, faculty, and staff with access to information and supportive services.

Affirmative Action

The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (OEDI) tracks progress toward meeting affirmative action goals and monitoring compliance with state and federal affirmative action laws and regulations. We also collaborate with others, including institutional leaders and the Office of Human Resources, to create and maintain an environment that is safe and welcoming for all.


OEDI works with divisions and campuses with UW Colleges and Extension as well as with the UW System and community organizations to announce, promote, and nominate outstanding colleagues for a variety of different awards related to diversity, inclusion, and equity. Check our Diversity Awards SharePoint page to view more information about upcoming awards and nomination opportunities. 



UW Colleges and UW-Extension are committed to ensuring every member of our community is treated with respect. We ensure compliance with all state and federal protections, facilitate incident reporting, and conduct formal and informal investigations of all complaints based on discrimination or harassment, sexual harassment, or sexual assault. Review our Formal Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedures for an outline of the process. To file a complaint, contact us or download the Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Form below.

Disability Accomodations

The institution is committed to evaluating and responding to requests for accommodation by following an interactive, confidential, and individualized process, as described by the ADA.  To request an accommodation, complete the Request for Disability Accommodation Form and submit it to the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  You may also contact the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at 608-262-3969 or by email,


Diversity and Inclusion Resources

OEDI has created and curated resources on various topics to help colleagues across our institution to incorporate equity, diversity, and inclusion into the work they do everyday across the state of Wisconsin. Employees are also able to request specific training for their department, division, work group, etc.  All of these resources are located on our SharePoint and includes our topical resources, events calendar, newsletters, blog, videos, training, and so much more! 

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect

All UW Colleges and Extension employees and volunteers must immediately report child abuse or neglect if, in the course of employment or voluntary service, the employee or volunteer observes, learns of, or has reasonable cause to believe that an incident or threat of child abuse or neglect has occurred or will occur. UW Colleges employees can visit the UW Colleges' Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect page for more information. UW-Extension employees and volunteers can visit the UW-Extension Mandatory Reporting page for more information.


Multicultural Awareness Program (MAP)

Open to UW Colleges and UW-Extension employees, MAP builds upon previous UW-Extension diversity training (including work with VISIONS, Inc. and Michigan State University Extension) to increase the diversity of our educational programs, program participants, and of our institutional partnerships. Program attendees learn how to apply multicultural concepts and practices in working and learning environments and improve their ability to recruit and retain a diverse workforce while valuing and building on the strengths and abilities of current staff.

Summer Affirmative Action Internship Program (SAAIP)

Designed to recruit college students from underrepresented groups for summer employment, SAAIP exposes participants to new experiences and potential career paths within UW-Extension. The program matches students with internship opportunities in departments and divisions where certain populations are underrepresented, as outlined in UW-Extension’s Affirmative Action Plans. These populations may include racial/ethnic minorities, women in traditionally male-dominated areas of study, and students with disabilities.

If you are a UW-Extension office interested in participating in the program, please visit the OEDI SharePoint site's SAAIP Overview page for more information regarding eligibility and how to apply.  

If you have further questions about this program or the application process, please contact Evetta Sloan by email or at 608-262-3969


Title IX

Our goal is to assist those affected by sex and gender discrimination, harassment, and violence.  Whether you are a survivor, the accused, or a bystander of a Title IX incident, we as a community are here to guide you through the process of resolution.  We strive to be sensitive to the unique needs of different populations within our community.  Being informed is an important step in finding resolution, either for yourself, a friend, or others in our community.