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Service-Learning resources

Here you will find a wide range of Service-Learning resources collected especially for UW Colleges and UW-Extension faculty and staff. These resources will provide you with the useful tools, inspiration, and professional reading you need to guide you to successful Service-Learning.

The Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service

The Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service housed at UW-Marathon County seeks to create "sustainable state-wide public service initiative, including systematic academic (and non-academic) service-learning that brings students from the classroom at both the secondary and post-secondary levels into under-served communities to address pressing community needs. Rather than reinvent existing programs, the Institutes primary role will be to collect, distribute, and assess academic service-learning models and promote best practices through education, outreach and training. It will also facilitate collaboration among faculty, students and community partners by actively matching academic service-learning initiatives through UW-Extension to efforts in the UW Colleges." To access their website, please visit:

UW Colleges and UW-Extension faculty and staff Service-Learning list-serve

Receive information about grant updates, training opportunities and other exciting information related to Service-Learning. Click here to subscribe to UW Colleges/UW-Extension Service-Learning list-serve.

Service-Learning Principles & Pedagogy

The following links to the national Campus Compact site share principles of effective Service-Learning practice and ideas for how to plan for it. Though these materials were designed with campus-based courses in mind, these concepts can also be used as a basis for Service-Learning in informal education settings.

Service-Learning Program Development

Here you will find resources that will help you create Service-Learning programs. These resources can be adapted for both formal and informal educational settings.

Examples of Service-Learning for Youth

Service-Learning has long been recognized as an effective strategy for positive youth development. Many extension educators throughout the state have developed effective ways to incorporate Service-Learning and community service into youth programming.

Examples of Service-Learning for Adults

  • Diversity Circles
    Participants in these study circles help build understanding communities through discussion of issues of diversity and racism.
  • Wisconsin Master Gardener program
    Learners in Master Gardener programs throughout Wisconsin practice their skills and apply their lessons to volunteer projects in their local communities.

Opportunities for Funding Service-Learning Programs

Additional resources

Wisconsin Campus Compact Civic Engagement Resource Guide
This resource guide, developed by Wisconsin Campus Compact with support from UW-Extension, provides practical information on community-campus civic engagement efforts in Wisconsin. Includes models of civic engagement projects/partnerships, sample resources and contact information.

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Civic Engagement
This award recognizes outstanding performance of an individual, program or unit that that has advanced UW Colleges and/or UW-Extension's commitment to civic engagement and/or Service-Learning.

Professional development opportunities

Here are ways to continue to develop your understanding and expertise in Service-Learning.

  • UW-Extension Service-Learning Committee
    All members of UW Colleges and UW-Extension are invited to join this committee and help advance Service-Learning in our institutions.
  • UW-River Falls Graduate Certificate
    UW-River Falls, working in partnership with the National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC), has developed a graduate-level certificate in Service-Learning. This program benefits anyone who uses or wants to use Service-Learning methods as a unique, hands-on and experiential teaching and learning strategy. Participants may complete the full sequence and receive the certificate or they may take individual courses. All courses are delivered online.
  • Wisconsin Campus Compact list-serv

Selected Service-Learning articles and books

Selected professional journals

Other related Web sites

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