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Service-Learning overview

Why Service-Learning?

Service-Learning promotes lifelong learning

Service-Learning is not just for K-12 and college students. Service-Learning can take place in a number of educational settings, formal and informal, with students of all ages, from preschools to nursing homes.

As pedagogy, Service-Learning encourages learning and retention through active, experiential learning, through reflection activities, and through real-world applications. Current research also recognizes Service-Learning as an effective strategy for fostering a sense of caring for others.

Service-Learning extends access to resources

Whether it is students or community partners, Service-Learning helps individuals' access and benefit from school and university resources. Students who are involved in Service-Learning projects have opportunities to apply academic concepts to real-world settings and enhance their learning. Community partners gain access to new ideas and strategies through Service-Learning faculty, staff, and students. UW-Extension faculty involved in Service-Learning also benefit from new opportunities to strengthen connections with university campuses.

Service-Learning within UW Colleges

The UW Colleges are committed to assuring the success of students as they journey through the challenges of higher education. The institution has formally set forth the goals "to prepare students for lifelong learning, leadership, service and responsible citizenship," and, "to provide opportunities for civic and cultural enrichment in the communities that support its campuses." So why does Service-Learning matter to the UW Colleges?

At the UW Colleges, traditional teaching techniques afford faculty and staff the perfect opportunity to implement Service-Learning into their classrooms. This teaching approach provides new and exciting educational opportunities to its students, while at the same time working to make a difference in our communities, the "Wisconsin Idea."

Learn about what UW Colleges faculty and staff statewide involvement. Get ideas for your course or submit your course models.

UW Colleges course models

Service-Learning within UW-Extension

Service-Learning is most often thought of in terms of traditional classrooms in traditional schools and colleges. So, why does Service-Learning matter to UW-Extension?

The mission of UW-Extension is to ensure that "all Wisconsin people can access university resources and engage in lifelong learning, wherever they live and work." We strive to help citizens find personal growth and we strive to address the changing needs of our state and society. We serve as leaders in the state in integrating scholarly knowledge and public outreach. We serve all learners, and we pay special attention to the educational needs of the under-served, the disadvantaged and the non-traditional student.

How do we do all this? One way is through Service-Learning. Learn about UW-Extension success stories for Service-Learning.

Service-Learning is one way UW Colleges and UW-Extension fulfills its mission and serves the people of Wisconsin. Join your colleagues and get involved.

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