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Power of a Story

In this video, Jerry Apps talks about how he believes in the power of a story. Jerry Apps is an Author and Emeritus Professor at UW-Madison. Wisconsin Public Television helped Jerry tell his stories to residents of Wisconsin. Watch the video to see how Jerry’s stories impacted viewers around the state.


Saving the Menomonee Language

In this video, Jennifer Gauthier talks about how she is helping save the Menomonee Language. There are 9,000 Menomonee children enrolled in school and very few are fluent in the language. Through classes and games, Jennifer is preserving the Menomonee Language by teaching it to her students.

Press Coverage

Two-year colleges focus on more job-relevant curriculum

University of Wisconsin Colleges and Extension are working to develop a more job-relevant curriculum to better meet the needs of employers for specific job-related skills, including things like the ability to problem solve, analyze and communicate.

VideoEducational Access and Innovation

Changing Workforce Needs

UW Colleges is working to prepare students to leave with a degree and with the skills they need to help Wisconsin’s workforce.

Image of Veteran's Healing Garden

VideoEnhancing Quality of Life

Veterans Healing Garden

UW-Extension’s Veterans Healing Garden in Milwaukee County brings veterans together. The garden provides a space for community, clarity and peace. It gives our veterans a chance to get together and grow. UW-Extension’s educators provide food to plant and share information with the veterans to help them grow in the best way possible.