(Wisconsin Dells) A $250,000 University of Wisconsin investment in Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center’s technological infrastructure has exponentially increased its capabilities for modern environmental education.  

“This upgrade truly opens up new capacities, diversification, efficiencies and revenue opportunities for Upham Woods,” says Justin Hougham, director of Upham Woods and Wisconsin 4-H Environmental Education Specialist. “This facility and program is strengthened by this strategic investment. We can now host webinars and provide our visitors access to web training and video conferencing.”

The investment provided for installing fiberoptic cable to modernize the science education site. The result is dramatically improved WiFi speeds. Download speeds surged from 3 megabits per second (Mbps) to 77 Mbps. Upload speeds jumped from 0.4 Mpbs to 66 Mbps.

What’s more — Upham Woods guests and clients will be able to perform real-time data uploads from remote sensing, instructional media and many other functions that will improve the Upham Woods experience.

“We’re very grateful to UW Colleges and Extension Chancellor Cathy Sandeen, who spearheaded the effort, and her team, for the continued commitment to modernizing the potential of Upham Woods,” Hougham says.

“This upgrade is critical to bolster and enhance the unique opportunities Upham Woods programming provides,” says Chancellor Sandeen. “All of UW-Extension is working to become more relevant, flexible, and digital—this investment in modern technology continues to move us in that direction, in order to better serve the people of Wisconsin.”

Hougham presented the first webinar to be broadcast from Upham Woods on March 27. “To Unplug or Plug In” focused on how to select the proper digital technology and apps to enhance environmental education. It was available internationally.

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