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Chancellor Sandeen speaks and writes regularly on current issues facing higher education and non-traditional students, as well as the latest UW Colleges and UW-Extension initiatives, our strategic vision, and the progress and impact our programs have achieved throughout Wisconsin. Explore our archive of open letters, speeches, articles and messages from the Chancellor to learn more about our institutions and the work we do.

From the Chancellor

A Year of Higher Education Aha Moments

It has been a year since I arrived at the American Council on Education (ACE) in Washington, D.C., a 22-year veteran of the University of California and most recently the dean of UCLA Extension, charged with tackling the task of helping define and craft a

From the ChancellorEducational Access and Innovation

“Designed by . . .” a Creative and Innovative Workforce

We’re well into the fall season at this point—definitely my favorite season. As a life-long academic, the fall represents a beginning to me, not an ending. Think of when you were in kindergarten or first grade, hungrily eyeing that brand new box of crayon

From the Chancellor

A MOOC by Any Other Name? An Online Course

It’s an interview that quickly became the talk of the higher education and technology worlds. Read Cathy Sandeen’s take on Sebastian Thrun’s profile in Fast Company.

From the Chancellor

Confronting the Liberal Arts Conundrum

The need for more Americans to gain a college degree in order to obtain better jobs has become an important national mantra. But I worry that ill-conceived responses to the problem may be leading us down a short-term path that weakens U.S. global competit