I already looked up the home alone videos with my 11 year-old. She kept rolling her eyes, but I think it opened up a nice dialogue about what she really would do in a real life emergency. We even wrote down all the emergency numbers and those of trusting adults she would call and then hung it up on the wall ��� so thanks for the info! It reminded me of the days I would get these cream-colored pamphlets in the mail from the UW-Extension when our 17 year-old was born. I really loved reading those from front to back cover and they helped me as a young mother and with early childhood development. It was affirming to know we were right on track, and I was always happy to get them from the Extension ��� they did pay off! Seems like just yesterday. Now we talk about what it's going to be like adapting to college life. Funny how fast life goes!! :)