Joel M

I am a farm accountant and farm management consultant and I work for a non-profit cooperative that provides farm accounting and farm management services to dairy and crop farms in eastern Wisconsin. We use the Agfa software, which is available through public domain from the UW Center for Dairy Profitability. This software is an integral part of the farm business analysis services we provide to our coop members. We work closely with Jenny Vanderlin, Nate Splett and Simon Jette-Nantel from the Center for Dairy Profitability regarding our suggestions on the use and improvements in the software. We use this software to provide farm financial analysis and benchmark comparisons for hundreds of our producer members every year. These analysis and benchmark reports are used by our producer members to improve their financial efficiency and profitability. In addition, we provide the benchmark to a long list of agricultural lenders and consultants which they in turn use as vital resource in the services they provide to their farm clients. In addition, we rely on the County UW Extension agents in our area for biannual farm management update meetings and other timely agricultural news updates we receive via email on a weekly basis. Scott Gunderson is the Manitowoc County UW Extension Agricultural Agent that provides much of the ag news updates we rely upon.