Cheryl W

In January 2013, I heard about our local community garden program, how it focused on urban gardening, culturally appropriate foods, and how it was in trouble and in danger of being stopped for the year. Karen Early and then Judy Knudsen were so supportive of me volunteering to keep them going, making files and office space available. I have met so many people from so many walks of life, ages, and ethnicities in the garden and many have become friends. I've learned about organization, about petitioning my government officials, and how so many people work so hard to make Green Bay a great place to live ��� they will move heaven and earth to help the gardens thrive! I've grown my own food, learned to pressure and water bath can, dry, freeze, and ferment my vegetables! I'm getting ready to learn more about how to raise funds for an endowment so Community Gardening in Brown County can persist, creating a more sustainable food system and a healthy, connected community!