Kiersten K

As I was reading a RLHS student newsletter today, I saw Professor Linda Tollesfrud's name on a special education article. I wondered if that was the same teacher I had at UW-Barron County in 1990. It brought up great memories of Intro to Psychology class in 1990.

When I was in that course, Junya Motoko (a foreign exchange student from Japan) and I sat together, and the professor allowed me to rephrase things for him. Our families are still very close after nearly 30 years.

I am so glad to have started college in Rice Lake. It changed my life. I sure loved UW-Barron County and all of the great memories there of transitioning from high school to college. I also remember fondly Sharon Rubin, Jim Patraw, Denny Grivna, and the Education Foundation helping me out.