Sarah O

Meeting Dr. Justin Hougham of UW-Extension during the Latino Earth Partnership for Schools course at the Menomonee Valley Urban Ecology Center branch in Milwaukee changed the trajectory of science education in my classroom. The intention for that day in June of 2015 was to demonstrate the Digital Observation Technology Skills (DOTS) kits to a dozen urban educators. In less than two years, the work that he inspired with the DOTS kits has reached over 150 students that I work directly with in the most diverse neighborhood in Milwaukee. With support from him and his staff at Upham Woods, we have facilitated two extended trips each school year for my students at La Escuela Fratney to immerse themselves in the rich outdoor education programming offered at Upham. Even more meaningful and engaging, my classroom has benefited from several site visits to my school from the staff, facilitated by Dr. Hougham, and the extended use of a DOTS kit in our classroom. This has allowed my students to use technology currently used in the workforce to explore the world around them, inquire, and share their science story in ways that I have not seen in my 15 years of teaching experience.