Madison G

I was one of those seniors who had no idea what was going on with college. I did not know what I wanted at all. I tried following the flow and ended up interested in two very different colleges. When one of those schools – the University of Wisconsin-Richland – offered my high school an opportunity to bring a group to campus, I signed up and went. This visit changed my future.

            The visit was completely eye-opening. I was able to actually see the university. I was able to sit in a class for the full college experience which gave me a clearer picture of the classroom setting there. I was also able to sit with a group of teachers and ask questions or listen to my peers’ questions and hear the answers. Feeling that the campus genuinely cared for and was concerned about students was ultimately what made my decision to attend the University of Wisconsin-Richland in the Fall. I knew that I would be able to ask questions, have my concerns addressed, and feel true support throughout my journey.

            With so much information presented in a meaningful and calm way, I sincerely appreciated visiting the UW-Richland campus. I am so glad that I did because now I am certain and proud of where I will attend college in a few months – and all because of one day and one chance I took to visit this school. That visit has made all the difference. And now, I am relieved and satisfied that I made this decision.