Justin H

Screen shot of data visualization supported by UWEX Tech Services

One of my projects would not reach nearly as many people- or impact- as it does without the support and innovation from the UWEX Technology Services Unit. Digital Observation Technology Skills (DOTS) kits started in 2014 and currently use Google Apps for Education to engage thousands in digital literacies. DOTS has used field data to engage students to take what they have learned in the field into an online environment- answering the ‘so-what’ of data collection. DOTS truly began to fulfill its potential when we developed a corollary online user experience within the Google suite using sheets, forms, maps, and data visualization tools to land the user data in an environment from which they could make further conclusions. This simply would not have been possible without the creativity, collaboration and genuine interest in digital innovation that the team in Tech Services brings to the table. This truly enables broader impacts and scholarship for faculty in UWEX.