Dan M

I am the County Conservationist & Director of the Chippewa Co. Dept of Land Conservation and Forest Management. In that capacity I work with public officials, state & fed. agencies, landowners, industry representatives & community stakeholders to address local land conservation & resource management concerns. Chippewa Co tapped into UWEX & the Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey & their partners at USGS to conduct a five-year scientific study to evaluate the impacts of industrial sand mining and irrigated agriculture on surface and groundwater resources. The study has been designed & implemented to systematically address many of the issues & public concerns raised by the community regarding the potential cumulative impacts of industrial sand mining and irrigated agriculture on groundwater levels and stream base flow. As an outcome of the study, a groundwater model has been developed that will allow all of the stakeholders make informed policy and water resource management decisions now & in the future using best available science. The study results and model will be transferable to other locations in west central Wisconsin with similar geology. The project is now being completed on schedule & within budget. The WGNHS/USGS research team has applied unbiased research, available through the UW System to address a local and regional concern, providing an excellent example of the Wisconsin Idea, and the role of UWEX and the University System in applied problem solving.