Aaron F

I began my college education at UW-Marathon County, fresh out of a local high school. It was an opportunity to reduce tuition cost and get a great start on my education. Little did I know that UWMC would also be my educational capstone. UWMC partnered with UW-Madison to start a satellite program for training Physician Assistants, called wisPACT, and I was grateful to be accepted in the inaugural class. Having a program like wisPACT at UWMC is a significant advantage. The cost of living is much lower than most other PA programs as they are generally located in larger cities. I was also able to remain close to my family and professional support system. But perhaps the biggest benefit to completing this program so close to home is that I was able to work the with local health care organizations. Because of this, I am better prepared to provide care for the patients in northcentral Wisconsin. I am happy to report that I was offered a job at a site I rotated with, accepted, and start in late August. All of this was made possible by the convenience, affordability, and development of new programs that are provided by UWMC.