Jane S

Wisconsin County Forests Association (WCFA) recently completed its second round of successful strategic planning under the guidance of Art Lersch (UW Extension, Lincoln County)��_ WCFA represents the forestry interests of 29 counties with lands enrolled under Wisconsin County Forest Law (�28.10 & �28.11 Wisconsin Statutes). These 29 counties manage nearly 2.4 million acres of public lands. Our members include a diverse group of county forest administrators and county board supervisors serving on forestry committees within their respective counties and on WCFA's Board of Directors. In 2009 WCFA decided to engage in a strategic planning effort. This was a first for an organization established back in 1968. We specifically sought out Art to guide us through the process due to our knowledge of his skill and expertise in this area. Under Art's direction, WCFA was able to develop a document used to define goals and guide our organization in moving forward with identified objectives. We used the first plan from June 2009 ��� June 2012. It was often referred to and was used by the organization to define annual goals of personnel and leadership. In October of 2012 Art agreed to meet with us and we completed an update to our original plan enabling us to continue moving forward. During the winter months of late 2015 and early 2016 Art again agreed to lead us through the strategic planning process. There had been a number of retirements among county forest administrators and our WCFA Board of Directors also had many new faces. It was exciting and gratifying to watch Art guide our group, once again, through this process and observe the participation level he was able to achieve with our members. The result, once again, is a useful document that will assist WCFA members and staff as we continue to move forward while achieving goals and objectives contained in our June 2016 ��� June 2019 Strategic Plan. It is essential to have a useful document for prioritizing and focusing organizational direction with such a diverse group of members. We would not have been able to accomplish all we have done in the past eight years without the services and expertise offered by Art. He truly excels in his work.