Sharyn F

JHeritage Days: Get Hooked on History event, demonstration of Cat and Mouse game, May 2017

“The legacy which Fred Smith has left behind continues to inspire a vision of who we are, what is possible through dedication and hard work, and how fortunate we are to live in the physical and spiritual abundance of the natural world around us. These are already the long term effects of Fred’s vision which FoFS, with the help of WHC, the Wisconsin Arts Board, the NEH, NEA and public funding, hope to carry forward.”
- Sharyn Friedell, Administrator at The Friends of Fred Smith, Inc and project director
for Heritage Days: Get Hooked on History.
This annual event has received multiple grants from the Wisconsin Humanities Council and regularly draws huge numbers of fourth grade students, along with the general public, to learn about the history of north-central Wisconsin through hands-on experiences and interactions with experts from the regions tribal nations.