Jeremy F

I decided to become a student at UW-Manitowoc at first because of the small class sizes, and it was close to home. I soon learned that this campus has incredible and dedicated professors and faculty that make you feel like a part of their big family, rather than just a number. The professors are always there to help, even if it’s not related to school work. I am so incredibly proud and so happy that I chose to start at University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc. One of the best decisions I’ve made!

My ultimate career goal is to be a nurse practitioner or take the business route of nursing for my master’s degree program and travel the country to advocate and sell Cochlear Implants to hospitals, research facilities and families. The reason behind this is because I am personally implanted with a Cochlear Implant, which is a device that allows me to hear the world, even though I was born deaf. 

About a year and half ago, I became a CNA at Manitowoc Health and Rehabilitation Center and I work closely with many different patients. I have fallen in love with the job and at that point, I knew I was exactly in the field that I belong in.

When I applied for scholarships that UW-Manitowoc and local organizations offered, I would have never guessed in my wildest dreams that one of the scholarships I was awarded paid my entire tuition. You would not believe the amount of scholarships that are offered through UW-Manitowoc, take that opportunity.