Nancy S

UW Colleges and Extension have enriched my life as a lifelong learner.

I attended a class at UW-Marathon County (UWMC) my first semester as a high school senior in 1972, graduated high school midterm, and went to UWMC until 1975. Then I transferred to UW-Madison and graduated in 1978, afterwards returning to Wausau to live near family.

During the ten years from 1979-1989, I read all items on my “books to read” list and paid off student loans. From 1989-1993, I returned to UWMC taking classes to strengthen areas of my perceived weaknesses: public speaking, journalism, foreign language, and music. I worked towards my masters at UW-Stevens Point from 1997-2004.

At age 50, in 2005, I qualified for UW-Extension's “College of the Emeriti” and have renewed ever since - “Good Ideas,” free class, UWMC pool, weight room. I value the recent addition of WIPPS.

Twice since 2015 I've been on the other side of the lectern as I've spoken about my solo international travel adventures at American Association of University Women (AAUW) Wausau Branch programs held at UWMC. AAUW works for equity for women and girls. UW Colleges are a partner.

I've included UWMC in my estate plan.