Michael V

At the beginning of my college career, there were many uncertainties being away from family, friends, and starting fresh in a completely new place. Initially I knew that I wanted to tap into a two-year system to take advantage of the smaller class sizes (no TA's) and have a lower tuition compared to a four-year. Little did I know that I would build some of the most valuable relationships that I possess today, while at the same time, having learned some lifelong skills. I have so many memorable experiences at the University of Wisconsin-Washington County! To list a few, I would say getting plugged in as a library student worker was at the core of helping me build strong relationships with staff and peers (this is also where I met my fiance). In addition, I decided to join as many student organizations as possible which included Student Government (V.P.), Ballroom Dance, CRU etc. This helped me meet so many great people and really forge my own college experience! In short I am glad that I chose to attend UWWC and even to this day I can say that I wouldn't change one thing about my first two years of college. The staff and diversity truly helped shape me into the person I am today.