Kayla L

I attended UW-Washington County right after high school and obtained my associates degree. Starting off at a two year school really built my confidence and developed me into the person I am today. I am proud to say UW-Washington County help me develop these skills sets. UW-Washington County made tuition affordable and allowed me to live at home and work while attending school. It also allowed me to enter for my bachelors degree with no debt. I started off working in the library at UW-Washington County and the staff was friendly and inviting. The staff were mentors for me and pushed me to strive for the best. Throughout UW-Washington and the two year colleges, I was blessed with going on a cultural trip offered and I went to Africa. The trip was life changing and I never would have went on if staff didn't encourage me to do so. Throughout my two years at UW-Washington County, I developed life long friends, joined clubs and Intramural sports, and met my husband along the way. I looked up to my professors for always encouraging me and always taking the time after class to answer questions. The professors and staff truly care for all students and that's something that always stood out and made me feel at home at UW-Washington County. I'm forever blessed that I got the opportunity to lay my foundation down and got a great start at furthering my education.