Ashley W

I graduated high school with no close friends, feeling alone. High school was awful, spending most of it depressed and hopeless. It was no help that my grandfather passed away, pushing me down further into that depression. Teachers and family members were supportive, but I had no friends that offered help in that time. And everyone was telling me college is like high school, and I feared I was going to be the same depressed person at UW-Baraboo/Sauk County. College was not like that. After a few weeks at UW-BSC, I made friends, students and professors alike. I was able to meet all kind of people, feeling less and less alone each time I attended classes. My first semester there, my other grandfather died. I thought I would relapse into another depressive episode. That didn't happen, because I finally had the friends I craved in high school. I wasn't alone. They say college is your window. UW-BSC was my window ��� my window to make friends, mentors, and to ultimately find happiness. 200 words is not enough to explain how UW-BSC has helped me. UW-BSC will forever hold a place in my heart as the place where I managed to be happy again.