Ashley M

Before graduating High School, I was not 100 percent sure which career field I wanted to pursue. I chose UW-Marshfield/Wood County (2009-2011) because it was close to home and was able to start any major. During my first semester at UWMWC, all I did was attend my classes and go home. I knew this is not how I wanted to spend my college years. During second semester, I was approached by the Advisors in Student Affairs of a great leadership opportunity ��� the Student Ambassador Program. I was selected as an Ambassador for the following academic year. This was just the beginning of an amazing two years. I also became involved with the basketball and tennis teams along with other student organizations. I made many lifelong friends by being involved on campus. Not only are there numerous opportunities on campus, the faculty and staff give you all the resources you need to be successful. I owe much of my success to UW-Marshfield/Wood County. Currently, I work at UWMWC as the Student Life and Solution Center Events Coordinator. I love sharing my story and passion for the campus. I enjoy being able to work for a campus who is dedicated to student success!