John J

For any state to have a strong economy and a healthy environment, responsible management of its natural resources is critical. The foundation of effective management is data. The ability to document and understand the resource base and environment determines how livable and successful Wisconsin will be. The Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey fills this roll in an exemplary fashion. Their geologic reports and maps are the basis for most projects I work on in the state. In particular, the groundwater reports and models they produce are excellent and provide a valuable service on many levels. Ken Bradbury is a national leader in groundwater management and should be recognized for his important contributions to the state. Madeline Gotkowitz and other members of the survey are well respected and also produce useful, relevant, and highly credible science on important water management issues and share those results in well documents and accessible reports. The WGNHS should be viewed as an important economic resource and one more reason Wisconsin is a great place to live.