Emily B

My name is Emily Belling, and I graduated from UW-Fond du Lac in 2017. I always thought of possibly going to UW-Fond du Lac for college after high school. However, I knew that I wanted to be a veterinarian and would have to go to a larger university for that education. The education for becoming a veterinary would take eight years and would be extremely expensive at a larger university. My advisor in high school recommended joining a program through the UW Colleges called the Connections program. This program would allow me to start my first two years at UW-Fond du Lac and then go to UW-Madison to finish the rest of my education. Starting at UW-Fond du Lac would allow me to get my General Education classes in first and save money. I followed my advisor’s advice.

I am very glad that I took the advice of my advisor in high school. UW-Fond du Lac has given me a great start to my college education. The advisors at UW-Fond du Lac met one on one with me to help me figure out my class schedule for the years I was there. I was able to take almost all of my General Education classes before I transferred to UW-Madison. These classes included General Chemistry, Biology, English, and Organic Chemistry. At a larger university, these classes would’ve been taught in huge lecture halls with TA’s. At UW-Fond du Lac, classes were taught by a professor. Class sizes were smaller, averaging around 25-30 students. In addition to this, the professor for each of the classes was available to help with problem sets and answer questions when needed. Because of this, I felt that I really got to know each professor I had.

I also had other opportunities at UW-Fond du Lac as a freshman and sophomore that I wouldn’t have gotten at a larger university as an underclassman. I was able to become a Research Assistant and work with Professor Demezas to discover the allelopathic properties of garlic mustard. After this project was finished, I became a laboratory assistant. I also became elected as president for the Student Activities Committee and became a member of CRU. I became an English and Chemistry tutor as well. This enabled me to meet more people and make new friends. I also received multiple scholarships through UW-Fond du Lac which helped to aid in my tuition payments. I really appreciate UW-Fond du Lac and all of the wonderful staff that work there. This is a great school, and I would recommend it to anyone!