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Human Resources

The UW Colleges and UW-Extension Human Resources function exists to provide advice, counsel, services, and programs that maximize the positive impact of the human resources in the operations of the institutions and ensure alignment with the mission of education and its governing bodies.

Human Resources is responsible for the development, implementation, administration, and evaluation of humans resources policies, procedures, and programs that support the missions of both institutions by providing for

  • Strategic alignment of Human Resources with the institutions' missions
  • Provision of services to employees
  • Management of administrative infrastructure and services
  • Management of transformation and change

University Personnel Systems


Human Resources System (HRS) logo

Starting between April and June 2011, the University of Wisconsin will begin to implement a new human resource, payroll, and benefits system that will streamline hiring processes, increase employee data security, simplify benefits enrollment, modernize the payroll process, and increase customer service. As the new Human Resource System (HRS) is rolled out, all UW employees will have access to the new online Self Service application. More…

Benefits Self Service: The Flexibility and Convenience You Have Been Waiting For!

It's hard not to see the value of automating the benefits enrollment. Starting in July, Self Service Benefits enrollment process will be quicker and more manageable through My UW System. More…

Time Reporting Through Self Service – It's About TIME!

In Spring of 2011, the University of Wisconsin System will implement a new online time reporting process for classified permanent and project, student hourly, and Limited Term Employees through My UW System portal. More…

Self Service FAQs

Who has access to Self Service? What if I don't have access to a computer at work? How do I access my human resource, payroll, and benefit information? More…

For more information about HRS visit My UW System.

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